Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I Love Fleur Delacour

Why I love Fleur Delacour

When Fleur is first introduced during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire she’s described as a girl with long silver hair and blue eyes and she effectively leaves Ron speechless. At the beginning she seems like this girl you’re just going to love to hate. And it’s easy to hate her, she’s way beautiful, talented – or she wouldn’t be in the Tri-Wizard Tournament – and boys just can’t seem to resist her; her arrogance doesn’t help either.

But there is more to Fleur than that, I grew to like her the first time I saw how much she cared for her little sister – during the second trial of the tournament – and she proves to be a loyal friend over time.

When she starts dating Bill Weasley, Fleur reminded me of that girl who suddenly starts dating your friend and you sort of think she sucks but you put up with her because your friend likes her, and all the while you’re just waiting for them to break up.

However, Fleur proved to be more than just a pretty girl when she stuck by Bill’s side after he was attacked by Fenir Greyback. She loved Bill that much and was undaunted by the prospect of being “…good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk!”

Yes, she’s the kind girl I wanted my friend to break up with so I wouldn’t have to socialize with her anymore, but then she went and did something so awesome that made me wish to keep her in my life forever.


  1. Alex, you described Fleur perfectly and also noted many of the reasons why I like her as well. I keep remembering the first time Fleur found out that Harry was going to be another TriWizard champion and she said, "but he is a leetle boy....". Harry was so offended. LOL

  2. I thought I would hate her too and I had though she would leave Bill after what happened but she didn't. So, I was really happy to be wrong about her :-)

  3. I can't lie, I thought she was going to be conceited and cocky when we first met her. Dont' get me wrong, she is, but I love her courage, strength, and most of all loyalty. Her personality, including her cockiness, really make her shine as a character!