Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I Love Loony Luna Lovegood

Why I Love Loony Luna Lovegood
by Caitie from Pub Writes

Loony Luna Lovegood. With her first words in Order of the Phoenix I knew she would become one of my favorite characters in the entire series. She was so strange, yet so sure of herself and unafraid. Oh anyone in the series, she is the person I would most want to be friends with. I also think she is one of the best female role models.

Not that she is perfect. She is really really weird. Like, I understand why people were not so keen on befriending her at first. She is like the person who is convinced there are aliens all around us. She loves conspiracy theories. But, if you look past that you see that she sees magic where others don’t. She isn’t crazy, she just sees there being other things out there where other people turn a blind eye.

She also sees hope and love. She is the best friend that anyone can have. Once she becomes friends with the others in the Order she will do anything to help them. She goes to the Ministry. She fights the Death Eaters in Hogwarts. She even ends up in Malfoy Manor and doing what she can there. She is loyal through and through and much braver than anyone would originally give her credit for. She is a great example of a HufflGryfClaw.

Luna is a kind and caring person. I have a feeling that if Hermione asked her to join S.P.E.W., she would have in a second. Since she is so different and out there, she can emphasize with others who are all on the outskirts of society. Those who get picked on are her best friends and she will fight with them and for them and what is right.

She is also very confident about who she is. So many people are the “weird ones” and they try to change themselves just to fit in. Luna is proud of who she is and will not betray her family or herself by trying to be something she is not. She embraces the weird and finds people who accept her for who she is.

I can’t talk about how amazing Luna is without mentioned how her room was decorated. I started crying during that scene because as confident as she is, she really needed them as friends. They mean everything to her and while she was at home, she wanted to be able to see them however she could.

Luna Lovegood has the perfect name. She is very good at loving those around her and she is out of this world (I know lame pun).

What do you love about Luna? Do you dislike her? Let me know in the comments, I would love to talk to everyone about one of my favorite characters!


  1. Such a good post, Caite! I love Luna as well. I think she really stole my heart when she explained to Harry about the thestrals and assured him that she could see them too. I loved the description of her room too. Brought tears to my eyes. :-)

  2. Like you, I love the way she can be herself always. She doesn't worry about what others think nor whether her believes are accepted or not.

  3. Oh, you made me a bit teary eyed!

    Luna is the character I would LOVE to hear more about, like if there was ever an HP part deux I want it to be about Luna - almost as much as I would love a set of prequels of the Marauders years, but that might be a bit too heartbreaking since they all die.