Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why I Love Ron Weasley

Why I love Ron Weasley

Ronald Weasley, how I love thee, let me count the ways. Okay I could probably go on forever, but I will give you my top 5 reasons why I love Ron.

     • Best-best friend..ever!
Being the best friend of the famous Harry Potter is no easy feat. Right from the first day going to Hogwarts was Ron right there along-side Harry. And through the many Voldemort/Death Eater related incidents was Ron (albeit shaking in his booties)right beside his buddy, fighting the good fight. Although at times the boys did fight, in the end their friendship withstood it all!

     • Romantic
Ron was not smooth with the ladies during his younger years, but eventually he learned. He even enlisted the help of his brothers and a “dating guide” to woo his long-time love interest. And he even changed his views on house elves to gain points with his future wifey.

     • Adorable
Okay so Ron was not the smartest or most talented wizard out there but he still had his adorable moments. The fact alone that he was not smart and could handle it was so cute. And tripping over himself around girls made him humble and swoon-worthy in my opinion.

     • Red-haired
Who does not love a red-head? Okay I might be in the minority here but I sure love a ginger-headed man!

     • Family-oriented
The Weasley’s are a pretty impressive, very large family. And although (not unlike many large families) the siblings don’t always get along, they would do absolutely anything for each other. I think Ron is an amazing character because he extends his family to Harry and Hermione and protects them at all costs.


  1. This is a great post that Kate wrote. I totally agree and love Ron Weasley too. I keep remembering Ron and wizard chess in the first book. He showed his stuff there, loyal, can strategize, self-sacrificing - good qualities in "best friend of man who has to save the world". Nice post, Kate!

  2. Great post. I think I'd rather be friends with Hermione though! :)

  3. Great post! I love Ron & I agree with you about everything :)

  4. I liked Ron a lot with the Wizard Chess. He was cute when he was jealous during the Triwizard tournament though. How adorable.

  5. Yeah, I have no idea why people don't like gingers... I would have loved to have married a ginger, but my husband's mom is one, so hopefully if we ever actually get around to having children we'll have a bunch of Weasley-esque tots.

  6. I totally agree! Ron is one of my all time favorite characters ever! :)
    Great post.

  7. Ron is my favourite of the famous trio. I love his loyalty and his sense of humour.

  8. These are a lot of the same reasons why I love Ron. Gaah! You've made me want to go back and re-read the series now, and I just don't have the time at the moment. Lol.

  9. Great post! I totally love Ron's family too! They crack me up and he is a great friend!

  10. Ok, this post is hilarious!

    Found you through the Blog Hop (you were someone's recommendation!) and now I'm a follower :)

  11. I think it's obvious that just about everyone loves Ron & his red hair !

  12. Thanks for the great comments everyone! :)