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Infected by Scott Sigler

Book Details
Infected by Scott Sigler
Paperback, 400 Pages
2008, Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 030740630X
Series: Book 1 of Infected

A terrifying thriller that will crawl beneath your skin . . . and leave fresh blood on every page.

A mysterious disease is turning thousands of ordinary Americans into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, their own families, and even themselves. And one morning, ex–football star Perry Dawsey awakens to find mysterious welts growing all over his body. Soon Perry finds himself acting and thinking strangely, hearing voices, fighting uncontrollable rage . . . he is infected. Worse, the disease wants something from him, something that could alter the fate of the human race.

Infected is a crazy, impressive concept that's written from every possible viewpoint. An infection like nothing the world has ever seen before begins taking over people's bodies. Through Perry, we see the infection through the eyes of someone who has it. Through Margaret, we see it from the medical standpoint. Through Dew, the government's though process. We even experience the infection from the standpoint of the infection itself. It's fantastic to see everything going on from these different angles, but it makes it a little hard to feel any true connection to any of the characters. I cared deeply about where the story was going, but wasn't concerned if any of the characters lived or died.

The infection consists of triangular shaped growths on the body. Those infected become paranoid and eventually both homicidal and suicidal. It's very interesting how the infection gets to the hosts psychologically. To fight the infection, Perry not only has to fight the physical manifestation, but also the demons from his past the infection dredges up. The book focuses a lot on Perry's struggle and the most horrifying and grotesque scenes stem from him battle with the infection.

What is the infection? What does it do? When did it come from? These are the questions that are answered. Somewhat. Infected gives you just enough information to be satisfied, but holds back a lot of the details, presumably to be divulged in the sequel, Contagious.

Infected is an intelligent, monumentally creepy book with a vast array of possibilities left open for the future. This is definitely a book that could give you nightmares.


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