Monday, November 28, 2011

Reader Confessions: I'm Sick of Blogger Gloating

"I'm effing sick of the blogger gloating going on. And I'm not talking about IMM posts. I don't see those as gloating. I'm talking about constant twitter posts of what's been received, how you're the first to get this, how you're part of something exclusive and continue bragging about what you got. It grates my teeth reading blog posts about bloggers going to uber-exclusive events and explaining why they got the invite: because they work super hard on their blog, insinuating that those that didn't get invited don't. Talk about feeling like a failure reading stuff like this. "It doesn't matter that you've been around longer and seemingly work just as hard. It's obviously not hard enough because you weren't invited to this, that or the other thing." Obviously it's not expressly stated like that but it's insinuated and I want to tear fucking heads off every time I see it. Shit like that isn't encouraging: it makes people feel like shit and makes people like you less and less ("Every day I like you less and less . . ." Hooray for poignant Arctic Monkeys). There's a difference between sharing an experience and rubbing it in people's faces. No one likes a braggart." - Anonymous

Thoughts? Agree or disagree?

Do you have a confession?

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