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Triumph of the Walking Dead edited by James Lowder

Triumph of the Walking Dead edited by James Lowder
2011, Smart Pop

Synopsis: The Walking Dead gained national attention as AMC’s latest critically acclaimed drama, shattering the network’s previous premiere ratings highs and earning a second season renewal after its very first episode. But before its television debut, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead was a comic phenomenon.

James Lowder, veteran editor and author in the horror genre and comics field, collects some of the biggest names in the zombie genre, along with other top horror and comics writers, to discuss the series on both page and screen.

Why read: Received for review

What impressed me: Many aspects of the comic books and TV show were discussed, both in relation to one another and as separate entities. I loved that there was a large focus on the comic storylines as they greatly differ from the show and have been around for much longer. I was afraid this book would just be a complete lovefest for the show because of its current popularity. It was a lovefest, but it really did only slightly touch on the show (as it should being there had only been one season at the time of writing) and embraced Robert Kirkman's initial vision.

What disappointed me: Everyone sort of agreed. Most of the Smart Pop books include essays with opinions and theories that are completely at odds with others. They usually contain ideas that will completely rile up hardcore fans, while at least making you think about things in a whole other light. In Triumph of the Walking Dead, beloved characters remain loved and praised, evil characters are pure evil without questioning their potential for good, and all in all, nothing came across as a potentially unpopular opinion.

Recommended: Definitely, as long as you've read the comic books and watched the show already. Those who haven't read the comic books will discover many spoilers, some of which will most definitely become part of the TV show.

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