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Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward
2006, Signet
Series: Book 2 of Black Dagger Brotherhood

Synopsis: In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war raging between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret bound of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Possessed by a deadly beast Rhage is the most dangerous of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Within the brotherhood, Rhage is the vampire with the strongest appetites. He's the best fighter, the quickest to act on his impulses, and the most voracious lover-for inside him burns ferocious curse cast by the Scribe Virgin. Owned by this dark side, Rhage fears the time when his inner dragon is unleashed, making him a danger to everyone around him.

Mary Luce, a survivor of many hardships is unwittingly thrown into the vampire world and reliant to Rhage's protection. With a life-threatening curse of her own, Mary is not looking for love. She lost her faith in miracles years ago. But when Rhage's intense animal attraction turns into something more emotional, he knows that he must make Mary his alone. And while their enemies close in, Mary fights desperately to gain life eternal with the one she loves...

Why read: Bought the series box set

What impressed me: The side-story of Bella and Zhadist kept me completely enthralled. I loved the attraction and the agony of the two of them attempting to relate to each other. I wish the book had been solely focused on them as opposed to Rhage and Mary Luce. The brothers as a group continue to be greatly entertaining and their continued battle with the Lessening Society brings manly action to balance out the sexiness.

What disappointed me: Rhage's dragon was a little much, in my opinion. And Mary Luce could have been stronger and more sure of herself. I get that she is sick and therefore weak, but I'll ever understand these big, strong warrior male protagonists that are drawn to quiet, wallflower types.

Recommended: Yes. If you liked Dark Lover, you got to keep reading the series.

Continue series: Yep. I didn't love Lover Eternal quite as much as Dark Lover, but I still love the world and characters.

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