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Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong

Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong
2011, Mira
Series: Book 1 of The Company of Angels

Synopsis: Fledging guardian angel and yoga teacher Serena St. Clair dares enter Devil's Paradise nightclub on a mission—to retrieve the wayward Hollywood "It Boy" she's assigned to protect. But she's ambushed by the club's owner, arch demon Julian Ascher. The most powerful demonic entity in Los Angeles, Julian is handsome as sin, a master of temptation who loves nothing more than corrupting pleasure–seeking humans. He won't release the lost soul Serena is supposed to guard. Unless she accepts his dangerous wager…

After the disastrous way his human life ended, Julian vowed that no woman would get the better of him again. Yet this sexy–sweet angel, smelling of fresh ocean air and happiness, triggers centuries–old feelings. Now, their high–stakes game of seduction, where angels fall from grace and where demons fear to tread, will lead them either to an eternity in hell or a deliciously hot heaven.

Why read: Received for review

What impressed me: Serena was a wonderful main character for an adult angel. I specify for an adult angel because I tend to have very poor luck with featuring such creatures. I've fared much better with angel/demon YA books, so Where Demons Fear to Tread was a remarkable and pleasant surprise for me to read. Serena is naive, yet not so nobly holy as to completely shut down in the face of what would be considered sin. Julian revels in his ability to lead people on the path to their own destruction, but not to the point where he must corrupt everything for corruption's sake. The fire between them is potent and given both of their natures, you never quite know where things might lead. I found the entire story to be quite enjoyable.

What disappointed me: Serena wasn't perfect. She could from lusty to prude on a dime and we all know how aggravating that can me. Julian's habit of hurting Serena for her own good gets obnoxious quickly as well.

Recommended: Anyone looking for an angel/demon book where the lines of good and evil blur should check out Where Demons Fear to Tread.

Continue series: Most likely. I'm not sure I'll enjoy it if Serena and Julian aren't the main characters, but I'll probably give it a chance either way.

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