Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle

On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle
2003, Berkeley
Series: Book 1 of Coffeehouse Mysteries

Synopsis: Clare arrives at work to discover the assistant manager dead in the back of the store, coffee grounds strewn everywhere. Two detectives investigate. But when they find no sign of forced entry or foul play, they deem it an accident. Still, Clare is not convinced. And after the police leave, Clare can't help wondering...If this was an act of murder, is she in danger?

Why read: I love both coffee and cozy mysteries.

What impressed me: A great mystery. A great setting. I loved how coffee was incorporated in the story and more importantly, I loved Claire's relationships with the other characters. Between her ex-mother-in-law and her ex-husband, you really get to see some interesting sides to Claire and sets up for future possibilities.

What disappointed me: This is another cozy mystery series that can't possibly provide realistic involvement of the main character in the long run.

Recommended: If you love cozies and coffee, this book is definitely for you.

Continue series: Yes. I can see the potential to become completely addicted to the series.

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