Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Firestarter by Stephen King

Firestarter by Stephen King
2003, Signet

Synopsis: Innocence and beauty ignite with evil and terror as a young girl exhibits signs of a wild and horrifying force.

Why read: Love Stephen King's books.

What impressed me: Firestarter delved a lot deeper into the how and why of Charlie's pyrokinesis that the original movie did. I found myself a lot more interested in the characters that I was when I watched the movie. There were some truly horrifying scenes, but mostly, the book worked because of King's ability to get deep into the psyche of his characters, which translates better on the page than on the screen.

What disappointed me: Firestarter kind of dragged on and on and on, when it really wasn't necessary for the plot. Charlie was held captive for quite some time and the reader is shown a lot of that - even though more often than not, she was uncommunicative and not really doing much of anything.

Recommended: Eh, not really. I'd suggest just watching the movie instead.

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