Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Extinction Event by David Black

The Extinction Event by David Black
2010, Forge Books

Synopsis: After Jack Slidell's discovery of his law partner's death in an apparent drug/sex killing, he and the beautiful Caroline Wonder are suddenly hurled into a race for their lives, a hair-raising odyssey filled with outrageous characters and violent suspense.  Hit men and sinister government agencies hunt them at every turn, but their quest for justice determines more than the guilt or innocence of a dead friend: the fate of the earth and humanity's survival hang in the balance.

Why read: Picked up a copy at BEA

What impressed me: That I continued reading this after the first five pages.

What disappointed me: The Extinction Event was a jumbled mess of ideas that seemed geared only towards appealing to the masses. Drugs and sex and how about we throw in some transvestite strippers? Not scandalous enough? Perhaps bloody violence will get this book noticed. If all else fails, make the characters rudely obnoxious in the a perceived effort to be considered gritty. There may have been a point to this debacle, but damned if I could find it.

Recommended: Absolutely not.

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