Monday, July 16, 2012

Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan
2012, St. Martin's Griffin
Series: Book 2 of Sky Chasers

Synopsis: Waverly and Kieran are finally reunited on the Empyrean. Kieran has led the boys safely up to this point, and now that the girls are back, their mission seems slightly less impossible: to chase down the New Horizon, and save their parents from the enemy ship. But nothing is truly as it seems…Kieran’s leadership methods have raised Seth’s hackles— and Waverly’s suspicions. Is this really her fiancĂ©? The handsome, loving boy she was torn from just a short time before? More and more, she finds her thoughts aligned with Seth’s. But if Seth is Kieran’s Enemy No. 1, what does that make her?

In one night, a strange explosion rocks the Empyrean—shooting them off course and delaying their pursuit of the New Horizon—and Seth is mysteriously released from the brig. Seth is the most obvious suspect for the explosion, and Waverly the most obvious suspect for releasing him. As the tension reaches a boiling point, will Seth be able to find the true culprit before Kieran locks them both away—or worse? Will Waverly follow her heart, even if it puts lives at risk? With the balance of power precarious and the clock ticking, every decision counts… every step brings them closer to a new beginning, or a sudden end...

Why read: Requested from Amazon Vine for review

What impressed me: Seth became the star of this book, not just in his coming between Waverly and Kieran, but also because of his seemingly being the only person who is capable at looking at things objectively. I absolutely loved how the secrets of the past came out and their bearing on those today.

What disappointed me: Kieran's inability to lead well drove me crazy. As did the animosity Waverly constantly experienced because she returned to the ship without everyone's parents. While both of these things were necessary to move the story to where it needed to be, both came off as completely unrealistic. Kieran would have never lasted that long acting as blind as he does and anyone in their right mind, children included, would have easily been able to see that Waverly had no choice about the parents.

Recommended: Yes. While I didn't absolutely love Spark the way I did Glow, it's a decent sequel.

Continue series: Yes. I can't live without finding out how everything turns out.

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