Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

Summer Knight by Jim Butcher
2002, Roc
Series: Book 4 of The Dresden Files

Synopsis: Private detective/wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden is suckered into tangling in the affairs of Faerie, where the fate of the entire world-and his soul-are at stake.

Why read: Enjoy the series.

What impressed me: I love how other supernaturals come into play in this series. While this book mainly focused on Harry's case with the faeries, there was lots of wizard and shifter fun as well. The case was fantastic. Really a great mystery that surprised me left and right. I'm totally loving Harry's working relationship with Murphy and can't wait to see that develop further.

What disappointed me: Depressed Harry isn't very entertaining. It took a while to get through those first few chapters, but things did get better once the action started.

Recommended: Yes. This was another great addition to the Harry Dresden saga.

Continue series: Absolutely.

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