Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Unwind by Neal Shusterman
2007, Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Series: Book 1 of Unwind

Synopsis: Connor, Risa, and Lev are running for their lives.

The Second Civil War was fought over reproductive rights. The chilling resolution: Life is inviolable from the moment of conception until age thirteen. Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, however, parents can have their child "unwound," whereby all of the child's organs are transplanted into different donors, so life doesn't technically end. Connor is too difficult for his parents to control. Risa, a ward of the state is not enough to be kept alive. And Lev is a tithe, a child conceived and raised to be unwound. Together, they may have a chance to escape and to survive.

Why read: Heard great things about this book.

What impressed me: Everything about Unwind was perfect. The concept of having children unwound, the past that made this world a reality, the very different reasons the teens are running for being unwound. Plots that are heavily "on the run" rarely work for me, but Unwind took the characters to all the right places and kept me glued to the pages. I genuinely adored every aspect of this book.

What disappointed me: Nothing.

Recommended: Highly. Unwind is one extremely well thought-out dystopian novel.

Continue series: Absolutely.

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