Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friends Drinking Game

Rules: Choose your level and take a sip every time an event occurs. If you feel like getting more than a little tipsy, do both levels at once.

Beginner Level
The exterior of Central Perk is shown
Anyone is shown at work
Anyone hugs
The hallway between the apartments is shown
Gunther moans to himself about Rachel
An animal is shown
Ross and Rachel touch each other
Monica cleans or straightens up
Anyone mentions Ugly Naked Guy
Rachel mentions shopping
Ross mentions dinosaurs
Joey hits on someone
Someone’s on the fire escape
Someone is eating
Someone cries

Advanced Level
Phoebe plays her guitar
The inside of Phoebe's apartment is shown
The inside of Ross' apartment is shown
All six main characters hang out in Monica's apartment
Joey goes on an audition
Ross mentions Ben, Carol, or Susan
Phoebe drives her grandma's taxi
Any of the six drink alcohol
Janice laughs
Anyone wears a costume
Anyone has sex

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