Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

Rules: Choose your level and take a sip every time an event occurs. If you feel like getting more than a little tipsy, do both levels at once.

Beginner Level
Lorelai is drinking coffee
Luke is arguing with Taylor
Richard is reading
Rory tucks her hair behind her ear
Lane talks about music
Jess is seen or mentioned
Christopher is seen or mentioned
The "La-La" song plays
April is seen or mentioned
Friday night dinner is seen or mentioned
Anyone is kissing
Anyone has sex
Anyone drinks alcohol
Anyone eats junk food
Rory is at the paper

Advanced Level
Two guys fight over Rory
Emily wears pants instead of a skirt or suit
Kirk is trying to sell something to someone
Sookie is not cooking
Miss Patty actually teaches a class
Luke is not wearing a baseball hat
Luke fixes something at Lorelai's house
Emily calls out female name, but no maid appears
Any Stars Hollow Festival/Event
Lane's Band Plays

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