Thursday, April 4, 2013

Angel Drinking Game

Rules: Choose your level and take a sip every time an event occurs. If you feel like getting more than a little tipsy, do both levels at once.

Beginner Level
A vampire dies
Someone is bitten by a vampire
A vampire or demon changes
You see daylight
Angel or Wesley reads a book
Someone says Wolfram & Hart
Anyone mentions money
The words Curse or Gypsy is mentioned
The police are seen
Fred talks about science
Lorne’s Bar is shown
Someone’s in the sewers
Someone drives
Someone uses a sword
You see a lawyer
A human dies
Lorne uses a pet name

Advanced Level
Anyone has sex
Anyone drinks alcohol
A reference is made to Sunnydale or Buffy
Someone visits from Sunnydale
Someone sings
Anyone has a vision
Someone says “Angel Investigations”
Magic spell is used
Someone’s locked in a cage
Someone is in another dimension or on another plane
Someone drinks blood out of a cup or glass
You see a portal

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