Thursday, April 18, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game

Rules: Choose your level and take a sip every time an event occurs. If you feel like getting more than a little tipsy, do both levels at once.

Beginner Level
Someone says “Awesome”
Someone says “Have you met”
Barney says “Suit Up”
Barney says “Legendary”
Marshall says “Lawyered”
There’s a voiceover
Anyone drinks alcohol
Barney uses a pickup line
Robin says "literally"
Anyone eats something
Someone is slapped
Someone says “dibs”
Barney’s Blog is mentioned
Barney gives himself a nickname (such as the Barnacle)
Marshmallow or Lilypad is said
Barney makes up a statistic
Canadian Joke

Advanced Level 
Barney does magic
Inside Barney’s apartment
Anyone is at work
Ted’s kids are seen
Barney makes someone do a high five
There is a flashback
Barney says “What up?”
Barney answers a question with "Please,"
Anyone has sex
Anyone cries
Someone dances

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