Friday, February 26, 2016

My Favorite Witch by Lisa Plumley

 My Favorite Witch by Lisa Plumley
2009, Zebra

Synopsis: Dayna Sterling's always been betwixt and between. Born in a desert town populated by witches and blissfully ignorant humans, Dayna had magic, but no clue how to handle it. So she left to forge a workaday life among ordinary Joes. Which is fine, really--until the day one most extraordinary Joe turns everything upside down...

The assignment is simple. Trace the runaway witch; bring her home for compulsory "cusping" training. So why does Dayna set T.J. McAllister's half-warlock blood buzzing? Maybe it's the bonding spell that spontaneously connects them. Or the fact that T.J.'s powers go wonky whenever he's around Dayna. In any case, the attraction is making it damn hard for T.J. to accomplish his most important mission: prevent a dangerous uprising by locating a powerful witch prophesied to help him. She could be anywhere. She could be closer than he thinks...

The Good: The idea of magic classes for witches coming into their power is always a win for me, especially twisting it so that the real power doesn't show up until the women are 30.

The Bad: Lust masquerading as love. T.J.'s blatant stalking of Dayna portrayed as his being drawn to her, rather than being a Peeping Tom with an entire catalog of issues. A completely predictable Mean Girls comeuppance story line, except they aren't teenagers anymore and that makes the entire attitude really kind of pitiful. No one is likable. No one is saying or doing anything that would make you care what happens to them. There was absolutely nothing romantic going on in this romance novel.

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