Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Walking Dead, Vol. 23: Whispers Into Screams by Robert Kirkman

Whispers Into Screams by Robert Kirkman
2015, Image Comics
Series: Book 23 of The Walking Dead


Synopsis: The new era of peace and prosperity is interrupted by a new type of enemy. One that travels amongst the walkers. One that will turn whispers of their appearance to screams.

The Good: Crazy people. It's always crazy people. Whether it be the Governor or cannibals or Negan, at the root of it all is just people who mentally can't handle the world as it now is and act out in ludicrous ways. This new threat is no different, other then there is a whole hell of a lot of them. This new brand of crazy is unlike anything we've seen before and that makes this volume completely worth the read.

The Bad: We seem to be going from Carl being a reckless child to being a irresponsible teenager. He's gone from attempting to protect his friends and family is dangerous ways to doing whatever his hormones dictate. I suppose it was to be expected, but one would hope that growing up in this post-apocalyptic environment, a boy in his position would have developed better priorities. Never underestimate Carl's ability to find the most inappropriate way to deal with something.

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