Friday, February 19, 2016

Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber
2009, Avon
Series: Book 4 of Angelic Intervention

Synopsis: Seth Webster's heart never healed after he lost his adored wife. Now, with Christmas approaching, wild twin boys to raise alone, a home in chaos, and the latest in a long line of exasperated housekeepers quitting in disgust, Seth needs more than help to keep his family togethe...he needs a miracle.

And then a miracle arrives on his doorstep. Her name is Mrs. Merkle, but the kids call her "Mrs. Miracle"—and from the moment the warm, knowing, and very patient nanny appears, everything is different. Her sassy spirit is infectious, and it gives Seth the courage to approach Reba, a beautiful travel agent who's been hurt and betrayed, and is afraid to ever love again. Through the magic of faith—and with a little help from a children's Christmas pageant and a lot of encouragement from Mrs. Miracle—Seth and Reba might just be able to find a Christmas miracle of their very own: true love.

The Good: The very basic premise of the book is good. A widower with young children struggling. A magical nanny appearing out of nowhere to aid him at Christmas time, and maybe find him a little love as well. That's the bare bones of the book and that is all that was included in the delightful Hallmark movie.

The Bad: This is a case of the movie being better than the book. The movie dropped all of the unnecessary and sort of weird angles the book tended to dwell on. The book was very specific about Seth not being able to take care of his kids for 4 years, and how his in-laws raised them at that time. These grandparents love having the kids, yet just decide they're done and send the kids back to understandable unprepared father - with no help and no experience to guide him. The grandparents marriage goes to hell, grandma embracing women's lib and grandpa being aghast that his wife refuses to wait on him hand and foot anymore. Aghast. And for some reason, the reader is supposed to hope they get back together. Yeah, that wasn't happening. Good for grandma.  Seth and Reba were closed off, scared of commitment, annoying people who would have never managed to make it work in real life. Overall, the characters were obnoxious and it was hard to want happiness for any of them.

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