Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A New Home for a Whole New Blog

Reading with Tequila has found a new home here at Pop Culture Breakdown.

Don't worry, we're keeping the book reviews and author interviews.

We're adding movie reviews and TV show talk. Occasionally a little game discussion every now and then.

And of course, what was always missing from Reading with Tequila? Is glaringly obvious, isn't it? The tequila, or more on point, the drinking. We make my own TV drinking games. We never shared them with you guys because they're not related to books in any way. But now, you are totally gonna get to see them.

We're going to have more Twitter action - live tweeting during shows like The Walking Dead, Psych, True Blood and more. A list will be posted weekly so you can join in the fun. My Twitter handle has changed to @PCBreakdown, but if you already followed TequilaReader, you are all set.

We're also going to have monthly movie events. Discussions that will take place here, Facebook and Twitter. The movie will always be available on Netflix Instant, or another easily accessible site. This will be listed on the weekly list well in advance, but if you're a Facebook fan, you'll also get an event invite from our page. You can like us as Pop Culture Breakdown on Facebook. Reading with Tequila had too many likes to just transfer the name, so this is a whole new page. Make sure to click like to get the invites as well as pictures, updates and more.

We also have a Google+. No idea what to do with it, but we've got it.

As you can see, the site is a work in progress, but all the old reviews have been posted. New reviews will start again tomorrow. Make sure to like or follow us in some way so you don't miss anything. The old site will be down for good within the next week, if not sooner.

Thanks for making this transition with us. Things are gonna get awesome.

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