Thursday, February 21, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Drinking Game

Rules: Choose your level and take a sip every time an event occurs. If you feel like getting more than a little tipsy, do both levels at once.

Beginner Level
Willow, Buffy or Xander makes a joke
A vampire dies (goes poof)
Giles looks at a book
Buffy and/or the scoobies meet in the library, cafeteria, the Bronze or the Magic Box
Someone's trapped
Someone has a fight
Someone is bitten by a vampire
Someone kisses someone
Someone complains about their love life
Principal Snyder mentions his hate of children or talks to the Mayor
Anyone pines over anyone else
Someone says Hellmouth
Willow uses a computer
Cordelia says something bitchy
Giles cleans his glasses
Willow does a spell
Angel or Spike lurks
Anya mentions sex
A vampire or demon changes
It’s daytime

Advanced Level
Angel or Giles makes a joke
Someone gets locked up in the little locking-up place in the library
Buffy uses her crossbow
Buffy has to lie about her slayer paraphernalia when some of it is found by a non-scoobie
A revelation is made about Giles’ past
It’s Oz’s time of the month
Something gruesome happens during class
Buffy has a nightmare
Buffy and/or the scoobies has a big test
Willow helps Xander study
Something gruesome happens at the Bronze
A band is seen playing
Anyone has sex
Anyone drinks alcohol

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