Tuesday, July 29, 2014

California Dreaming by Zoey Dean

California Dreaming by Zoey Dean
2008, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Series: Book 10 of A-List


Synopsis: College is just a week away: the private jets are booked, the Gucci suitcases are packed, and the A-List crew is ready to say goodbye. Or are they? Sam’s headed to USC film school, but when Eduardo offers her a different ending – moving to Paris as newlyweds – will she go completely off-script? Cammie’s living her own California dream as the owner of Hollywood’s hottest new nightclub, and dating Ben, the only boy who ever really broke her heart. But can she mix love and money, or will she have to pick one? As for Anna, Yale is starting to feel more like a nightmare than her lifelong dream. And with a one-way ticket to Bali burning a hole in her pocket, the future suddenly feels wide open. The clock is counting down for the A-Listers.

The Good: This was a fun, fluffy series to read and I was pretty pleased with the where the characters ended up. Not everyone grew or changed, but that's what makes the entire situation realistic. Some people are going to end up on the same path they started on. I loved that we get pretty definite answers to the few remaining questions lingering from the earlier books and that we knew where everyone is off to, for the most part, now that high school is over.

The Bad: This book didn't flow nearly as well as the earlier novels in the series. It seemed as though the author got sidetracked cramming in everything readers wanted to know that the book ended up weirdly fast paced.

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