Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Netflix Instant random movie is only an extension away!

I suck at making entertainment decisions. I'll stare at my Netflix Instant list and can never make up my mind.

I needed a random feature. Netflix is currently beta testing a random episode feature, but I didn't want that. Watching TV episodes out of order is just lunacy. I needed a feature that would let chose the movie or TV show for me.

And now, if you have Chrome or Opera you can have just that.

Download Netflix Enhancer (Opera / Chrome).

Then go to "My List" on Netflix. Set the list to "Netflix Suggests."

Under "My List (108) A new link pops up. Click "Play Random from List."

A random suggestion appears. Not in the mood for it, just click again.

The best part: No autoplay. You decide if you like the suggestion before the movie/show starts. I am overwhelmingly pleased.

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