Monday, October 5, 2015

Carny, Never Sleep Again, Zombeavers and Doll Graveyard

October Horror Movie Challenge Day 5

Carny (2009)

Why I Watched:
TV Movie

What I Learned:
  • Ohhh, Rick Genest is in this!
  • Holy hot dog, that man is climbing a ladder made of knives.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips giving Rick Genest some side eye
  • "Is that a foot?" Captain Obvious for the win.
  • Wait, what? The Jersey Devil? Oh, that's why they were so fixated on the NJ license plate early on.
  • Sure, the beast is dead, yet the townsfolk still need to beat up on some carnies.
  • "Burn, baby. That'll learn ya."


Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010)

Why I Watched:
Heather Langenkamp
Kevin Yagher

What I Learned:
  • I'd count how many times they put down Friday the 13th, but I know I've already missed at least 4 instances. 
  • Oh, Log Lady, I forgot you were in these movies
  • Wes Craven really was a wonderful, talented man. I regret never getting to meet him.
  • Geez, these people. Director of the 2nd film didn't even like the first 
  • Effect guys always come off so bitter in these horror documentaries. They can't use everything you work on. Damn. 
  • Gahhh I need Freddy pajamas. Like NEED them
  • I can't believe I never knew there was a Freddy's Nightmares TV series.
  • Peter Jackson's screenplay for Nightmare on Elm Street 6 sounds amazing.
  • New Nightmare had a lot of early themes that were noticeable in Scream


Zombeavers (2014)

Why I Watched:
Chris Bender
Killer / Evil Animal

What I Learned:
  • Road trip tongue twisters. These girls know how to party
  • I really, really like this blonde girl.
  • That is a big ass beaver.
  • They're not just zombie beavers, they're genius zombie beavers who cut phone lines.
  • Beaver transformations are the stuff of nightmares.

Doll Graveyard (2005)

Why I Watched:
Charles Band
Killer / Evil Doll

What I Learned:
  • As punishment, this guy is making his daughter bury her dolls - which she considered her only friends. Ass.
  • Daughter falls into the grave she built for the dolls and the dad just throws some dirt on her too. Mega ass.
  • So this is a 100% complete rip off of Puppet Master.
  • Except this boy is possessed by a girl protecting the dolls. So that's different. 
  • Different. Not better. Not even good. But different.
  • Why didn't the dolls protect the little girl in the beginning of the movie? We could have avoided this entire movie.


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