Thursday, October 1, 2015

Carnival of Souls, House of Frankenstein and Bloodsucking Bastards

October Horror Movie Challenge Day 1

Carnival of Souls (1962)

Why I Watched:
Criterion Collection
Released in the 1960s

What I Learned:
  • Creepy guy shows up with coffee in the morning, you let the creepy guy in. Because coffee > safety.
  • Creepy guy is turning into a huge dick. So, yeah, totally need to grab a drink with him. Alcohol > safety.
  • And this creepy dude thing right after she vehemently denies ever needing a man in her life.
  • Girl actually freaks out enough to scare off creepy guy. Strange. They aren't easily deterred.

House of Frankenstein (1944)

Why I Watched:
Lionel Atwill
Anne Gwynne
George Zucco
Death by drowning
2 or more horror legends
Released in the 1940s

What I Learned:
  • Poor, heartbroken Igor . . . or Daniel, or whatever they're calling him in this. 
  • Man, townsfolk really love their fire. 


Bloodsucking Bastards (2015)

Why I Watched:
Released in the 2010s
I really, really love Fran Kranz

What I Learned:
  • This is sort of like Office Space, with vampires.
  •  Oh, hi Mathew Lillard. Nice seeing you for all of 30 seconds
  • I wasn't sure those first 20 minutes or so, but nope, this movie is AMAZING.


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