Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Don't Go to the Reunion, The Final Girls, Deathgasm and Apartment 143

October Horror Movie Challenge Day 20

Don't Go to the Reunion (2013)

Why I Watched:
School's Out . . . Forever Theme Night

What I Learned:
  • At 28, I had no desire to sit in a playground in the middle of the night, alone. That's just weird.
  • Not loving the movie, but I can't deny that it is well done considering the $18,000 budget.
  • Yeah, slamming a car hood on a dude's neck isn't going to decapitate him.
  • The endgame is a blatant Scream meta ripoff. Throw the word homage around all you want, but it's not that.
  • The whole yelling/crazy/loud explanation of how horror movies played a part in the murders is exactly Scream

The Final Girls (2015)

What I Learned:
  • This kid is stupid adorable. Awkwardly caring.
  • Adam DeVine does skeevy guy so well 
  • Damn movie keeps making me cry. Horror movies aren't supposed to make me cry.


Deathgasm (2015)

What I Learned:
  • "Do demons recognize daylight savings?" Asking the important questions.

Apartment 143 (2011)

What I Learned:
  • Decent cast. Some interesting aspects. Held my attention. Overall, kind of blah, though.


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